The benefits of Chiropractic care have been debated for over the 100 year history of Chiropractic. I had the honor of being invited by the co-founder of Activator, Dr. Arlan Fuhr, to observe the first Chiropractic research that was funded with Federal dollars. Up to this point, any research that was done, was paid for by the Chiropractic profession or by our committed detractors. The only time the research was considered valid, was when our opposition proved that their theory (Chiropractic is quackery) was wrong.

Of course, those findings were rarely revealed.

The research was paid for on this day in 1986 by the National Institute of Health. The sole purpose of this research was to determine if the Activator instrument actually moved the bones. The data was collected on a lab dog. There was a 25-30 minute period of time where the findings reflected a total failure of the validity of the instrument to move the bones. It looked like it had no positive impact.

I watched Dr. Fuhr's reaction to the evidence that his life's work was based on a failed premise. After that agonizing 30 minutes, one of the pHd's noticed that "dogs walk on 4 legs and people walk on 2...does that make a difference?"

Apparently, it makes a huge difference!

The results were very confirming and this moment changed the course of history for Chiropractic. I feel so blessed to have been there to witness this important moment. I came away from that experience with a profound trust in Dr. Fuhr's character. It's these moments that test a person's character and that lasts forever. I have no question that the work I offer is tested and proven to the highest standards available.

There is a study that reported that 86% of the people over 65 in America are not optimally healthy. Many suffer from three health challenges. I could show you many people that are the exception to the rule after making Chiropractic part of their lifestyle, but I could find no better example than suggest you come into the office and meet my mother. She's 84 and is the best example of what years of Chiropractic care can offer in reduced wear and tear as well as increased wellness.

Safety of the chiropractic spinal manipulation is of primary importance to both the treating chiropractor as well as the referring physician. Previous research has proven the chiropractic adjustment to be a safe and effective healthcare procedure with risk factors lower than the use of over the counter anti-inflammatories. This study examines specific tissue damage indicators before and after a chiropractic manipulation.

No significant changes were found in creatine phosphokinase, lactate dehydrogenase, c-reactive protein, troponin-I, myoglobin, neuron-specific annuals, or aldolase blood levels after treatment. This study does not negate the importance of physician decision making when choosing the proper technique based on evidence-based guidelines, patient history, diagnostics, and clinical presentation. However, this research further emphasizes the welldocumented safety of chiropractic care.

“The aim of this preliminary study is to determine the possible noxious effects of spinal manipulation.”

“Spine manipulation is a manual therapy technique commonly applied, which presents benefits for patients such as an anti-inflammatory effect, pain relief, and reduction of drug consumption.”

“Our data show no changes in any of the studied damage markers.”

“…lower cervical and thoracic manipulation techniques seem to be safe manual therapy techniques which cause no harm to the health of a subject.”



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